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 Did you know that less then 7 percent of American homes have a weather radio while over 82 percent of the people around you have a cell phone? Let ProAlert.us Emergency Alert services turn your cell phone into something more useful. Receive timely and perhaps life saving weather related watches and warnings on your cellphone, Blackberry or in your regular email.

 ProAlert.us offers subscription based alerts sent to your regular email inbox or text ready cell phone or pager. We have a number of emergency management, county 911 call centers, fire departments, TV/Radio stations non-profit groups, utility companies, school district staff, first responders, police departments, storm spotter groups and Skywarn members as users. You can now get the same great professional service we offer them!

 You will be notified when a severe thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane, blizzard or civil emergency may be occurring in your area and could place you or your loved ones in harms way. No other service is as cost affective, faster or more dependable then ProAlert.us!

 Why pay for an alert service when you can get one for free? Because you get what you pay for. In tests against the largest free alert service in the U.S. over the past year ProAlert.us beat them every time by as much as 20 minutes. That's a very long time when danger is approaching. Too long!

 ProAlert.us is there to keep you Aware & Ready. Go with the best! ProAlert.us

 ProAlert.us uses "state of the art" servers, network and data retrieval systems. We offer a level of service not found with many other alert systems. This robust and stable system combined with our backup power and data sources keeps the information flowing when you need it the most.

 Our Pro Alert Service allows you to have up to three receiving points. A great setup is to have non emergency statements sent to your regular email address and emergency alerts sent to your pagers or cell phones. You may choose up to 5 counties in any state or combination of states. You may pick & choose from our products list.

 The Basic Alert Service allows for the basic type of alerts to be sent to one email address and to a pager or cell phone. Severe weather watches and warnings for two counties in any state. Only $35.00 a year or $25.00 for 6 months ! That's less then $2.95 a month!

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